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As jaded students of Malaysia, we are often encumbered by the boooring babbles of the secondary school teachers, may it be history, life skills, or the science teachers (especially the latter *coughs*). Most, in this particular situation, may have to resort to just entirely disregard the teacher, resulting in failing most class subjects, also making your parents veeeery marah with you. *grabs rotan*

We, however, do not, in any way, want to make our parents marah af with us by failing our core subjects (I say core because nobody really cares about Pendidikan Seni Visual anyway *coughs again*), so we made this blog — to ease us and you readers to study more intuitively, interactively, diligently and effectively (that’s a lot of adverbs, wow)

Don’t know what adverbs are? Then you’ve come to the right place!


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